Resto Owners: Why Online Ordering?

  Oct 14, 2014 2:29 AM

A food delivery website in the US,, recently conducted a case study on Bento Sushi & Chinese, a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine, which expanded its services to the online world in 2011. Bento Sushi & Chinese recognized the efficiency of a stronger online presence in increasing revenues and acquiring new customers, and the results came in a short time:


18% increase in takeout and delivery orders over the first month

22% increase in ticket size for online orders

39% of online orders were from new customers

17% of all deliveries were ordered online


Online delivery saw the most orders and significantly higher average ticket(order) sizes. However, all online orders showed higher ticket sizes and increased new customer acquisition against traditional ordering. A significant portion of online orders were from new customers with the vast majority opting to order again.

By integrating online ordering into their website, Bento Sushi & Chinese was able to acquire new customers, increase order volume, and improve average ticket size. This was done with no new equipment purchases and very little upfront and ongoing costs.

Case study from can be viewed here

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